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Ultrasound SDT200 Kits and Accessories | Ultrasound SDT270 Kits and Accessories

SDT provides a total ultrasound monitoring solution in one system. SDT 200/SDT 270 fits your budget today, grows with your needs tomorrow, and keeps pace with the evolving needs of predictive maintenance and reliability professionals for the future.

Ultrasonic detection is the most versatile technology available today. With the SDT 200/SDT 270 for industry and the Sherlog TA for marine, virtually any inspection is achievable, and the possibilities are endless.

Ultranalysis Suite™ Software

There's a lot of powerful measurement capabilities built into the SDT270. Ultranalysis Suite (UAS) software is designed to help you manage the critical PdM data SDT270 gathers from your critical assets. UAS forms a synergistic partnership between your SDT270, your PC, and your PdM team.

UAS is an entirely new software designed specifically to:

  • Replace SDT's well known DataManager software
  • Enhance the operation of existing SDT170MD users
  • Provide a software to support the power of the SDT270SU and SDT270DU
  • Serve as a multi-purpose bridge between your instrument and PC

    UAS has an entirely new look and feel, unlike any Ultrasound software created previously. A quick first look you will notice:

  • A familiar "windowed" user work space
  • A Tree structured database
  • Powerful graphics and data analysis with multiple alarm condtions
  • A database that integrates all data including (dB, wave files, Temp, RPM)
  • Multiple surveys created from one database
  • Single and multiple user licenses

    UAS communicates directly with the SDT270 using a common USB port. Each SDT270 has a unique IP address, thus UAS serves as a portal to SDT's servers where firmware checkups for your SDT270, and software updates for UAS can be done on demand. UAS also functions to allow firmware upgrades ordered from JL Griffin.

  • Ultrasound 170 Product Line

    The Ultrasound 170 Ultrasonic Detector is a single handheld portable instrument with multiple software and hardware configurations. Customizing your personal ultrasonic solution is easy.

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