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SDT provides a total ultrasound monitoring solution in one system. SDT 200/SDT 270 fits your budget today, grows with your needs tomorrow, and keeps pace with the evolving needs of predictive maintenance and reliability professionals for the future.

Ultrasonic detection is the most versatile technology available today. With the SDT 200/SDT 270 for industry and the Sherlog TA for marine, virtually any inspection is achievable, and the possibilities are endless.

SDT200 Ultrasonic leak detection Accessories

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The SDT200 ultrasonic detector: Champion in its category!
It is far and away the most competitive on the market. The multipurpose and very easy to use SDT200 provides a robust, high quality instrument to a market segment that until now had to compromise quality and value for price.

Parabolic sensor

When the zones to be controlled are more than 5 meters away, the parabola is the best suited sensor. To the contrary, its use is not recommended for short distance detection. Its sensitivity is better than the extended distance horn for long range, but especially its laser makes it possible to remotely locate the defective element precisely.
Flexible sensor

The sensitivity of the flexible sensor is similar to the sensitivity of the internal ultrasonic sensor. Consequently, its use is also recommended when elements to be controlled are directly accessible. On the other hand, its ergonomics makes easy to check elements difficult to reach or control high densities of pneumatic equipment. The flexible sensor is then the most powerful sensor when facing these kinds of configuration. Consequently, the flexible sensor should be used in complement of the extended distance sensor to pinpoint the leak spot.

Air mass flow sensor

This is a thermal based mass flow sensor fitted with an incorporated conditioning and temperature compensation electronics can be used with the SDT receivers. The sensor comes with a flexible rubber for easy covering of leaks and accurate measurements.
The flow rate can be readout in either SCCM (standard cubic centimetres per minute) or in SCFM (standard cubic feet per minute). This sensor is meant for measurements up to 1000 SCCM.

Extended distance horn

The extended distance horn is remarkable for its sensitivity: it is 20 times more sensitive than both the internal ultrasonic sensor and the flexible sensor. 20 more times represent a gain of 26 dBµV. Consequently, the extended distance horn should be used in priority and especially when leaks are going to be quite small (i.e. vacuum leak) or if you might be up to 5 meters away from the leak.
However its use could be delicate for the zones with a difficult access. In the same way, the precise localization of the defective element could be arduous when controlling high density of pneumatic equipment.
Headphones for ultrasound detector

These noise isolating headphones allow you to work in environments with up to 130 dB A-weighted noise. Since they drastically reduce your perception of background noise, they let you focus on the sounds you need to hear. Depending on your needs, it is available in three versions: headband (with collapsible headband for convenient storage), neckband (for situations where the headband must not be in the way, for use with or without a helmet) and safety helmet attached.

Loudspeaker for ultrasonic detector

The SDT loudspeaker is designed for the SDT ultrasonic detectors.Generally the loudspeaker replaces the headphone in measurement situations without noisy and disturbing surrounding sounds. It is a very easy tool for tightness testing situations where ultrasonic transmitters are used and for electrical inspection applications. It is equipped with a metal clip which makes it easy to affix on a belt or shirt pocket.

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