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Automate your PMs, Inspections, and ALL your PdM Technologies in one place . . .

Inspection Management

MAINTelligence is the only machinery reliability system with the power and flexibility to be used as the cornerstone for a combined condition monitoring and machinery inspection program.

* Complete Route management
* User Definable Inspection Forms
* Compliance Tracking and Management
* Built-in Report Designer for the reports that operations and maintenance require.

Vibration Analysis

MAINTelligence is a "best of breed" vibration system that lets you builds a comprehensive vibration analysis program regardless of your production environment or the types of equipment you operate.

You'll find MAINTelligence interfaces to a wide variety of data collection devices. An extensive array of alarms (overall, spectral band, narrow band envelope) and fault frequency overlays (bearings, gears, blades) can be configured for each vibration point.

Oil Analysis

MAINTelligence With an extensive library of lubricant data and a wide range of lubricant test types, MAINTelligence is the perfect tool for one of the key processes in condition monitoring - lubricant analysis. MAINTelligence is the successor to LubriScan, the most widely used lubricant analysis software in the world.

MAINTelligence interfaces to a wide variety of lubricant testing laboratories, and many popular lubricant testing instruments. The system has email and Internet access packages that make collecting your lubricant data results from your lab quick and easy. The following are some of the laboratories that can transmit data to MAINTelligence. If you don't see your lab of choice on this list, ask us about your lab. If you use a recognized commercial laboratory and we don't already have a driver, we'll write the necessary lab driver to have MAINTelligence work for you!

Condition Assessment

Adding the Condition Assessment module to MAINTelligence is like hiring a team of full-time machinery maintenance specialists. It reviews and analyzes large amounts of machinery vibration, lubrication and inspection data, using a series of high performance diagnostic modules. MAINTelligence keeps you informed of the condition of your plant's machinery in plain language, so you can make informed decisions concerning maintenance and operations.

The Condition Assessment module uses a powerful expert system engine in combination with a set of pre-populated knowledge bases, covering many common vibration and oil analysis conditions. The optional Rule Editor allows the user to add plant-specific knowledge to the system - effectively capturing and retaining the precious knowledge of your plant's operation.


Vibration Monitoring
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