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Ultrasound 170S Standard The SDT170S is the standard entry level for the Ultrasound platform. Designed with leak detection applications in mind, the 170S is an economical option for inspectors performing plant air audits. Features include internal airborne sensor, input for optional ultrasonic sensors, an auto-scaling numeric bar graph, and automatic sensor recognition Upgrading the 170S to Multi Functional or Multi Functional/Data Collector can be done with a simple key code emailed directly to your inbox.

Ultrasound 170M Multi-Functional The SDT170M is the multifunctional upgrade from the entry level SDT 170S Standard. It is a robust instrument capable of detecting small or large pressure and vacuum leaks in high noise environments and trending the condition of rolling element bearings and other rotating equipment. The SDT170M is the backbone of any Condition Based Lubrication Program where lube techs combine acoustics for both condition monitoring and re-greasing. Its unique digital display reads in decibels per micro volt (dBµV), the ultrasonic standard for acoustic vibration monitoring (AVM™). The SDT170M is multi functional. Add any of our temperature, RPM, SCFM, or dBA sensors for added functionality and Total Predictive Maintenance TPM.

Ultrasound 170MD Multi-Functional Data Collector The SDT170MD (Multifunctional with Data collector) is the complete ultrasonic inspection and predictive maintenance trending machine. With all the features of the 170S Standard and 170M Multifunctional, we've added a 15,000-point customizable data collector that interfaces directly with any PC via SDT DataManager software. DataManager software is the bridge between your SDT170MD Ultrasonic Data Collector and your PC. All data measured by the SDT170 MD can be stored in the data collector. DataManager accepts this data via RS232 port. DataManager organizes the measurements into a logical and easily retrievable filing system built and customized by the individual user. Use a variety of export functions to share your data with other user platforms.

Flex.US Economical Leak Detector Our most successful accessory is the Flexible Wand. This sensor is repudiated for its high quality, versatility, ergonomic design, and durability. The Flex.US is cast in the same mold as the Flexible Wand. Its a perfect balance between low cost and high quality. The detector is ideally suited to small companies wishing to control their compressed air leaks. It is the perfect companion at truck garages for leaks in air brakes as well as water tightness and wind noise control on windshields and door seals. Add the 200mW Bisonic Tone Generator for tightness control of any chamber.

Sherlog TA Hatch Cover Inspector Hatch covers have to be checked, inspected and tested at regular intervals by the ship's crew and company's superintendent in order to assess their operational status and establish both structural and weather tight integrity. This is important to ensure that the ship is in a seaworthy and cargo worthy condition and organize on-board maintenance or seek for shore based support or professional assistance in case repairs should be beyond the capability of the ship's crew. Mandates by P&I Clubs and Class make ultrasonic inspection with Sherlog Type approval the number one accepted method for inspecting hatch covers.

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